Cosmic Engines of Metaphysical Superpower

Group show curated by Trockenbau & Konzeptkunst

Trockenbau & Konzeptkunst is a project launched by Lukasz Furs in 2017. The team started with T-shirts that commented on the art world and sometimes made little jokes about it. They’ve gotten older, their heads have gotten bigger. They’re still funny and still make jokes, but now they’re doing shows too! Cosmic Engines of Metaphysical Superpower is the name of the third show the team has put together.


Works by Barbara Prenka, a great young artist from Kosovo; Anja Schwoerer, one of the largest participants in Berlin’s floating art scene; Vladimir Mitrev, a video artist who was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, but lived in Berlin for a long time and is now exhibiting in Berlin again; Arne Schreiber who creates a site-specific wall drawing that you shouldn’t miss.

About the artist

Arne Schreiber’s art blends systematic approaches with the unexpected, employing graph paper and modular supports to highlight nuances within structured spaces. His exhibition at Galerie koal features a wall drawing utilizing the exhibition space as a reference, employing two surfaces to capture the essence of the medium.

Barbara Prenka, born in Kosovo, explores the intersection of painting, fabric, and embroidery, creating pieces that interact with their surroundings. Her work focuses on boundaries, reflecting a cycle of creation, destruction, and recreation, showcased in numerous exhibitions across various cities.

Lukasz Fur’s practice embodies constant flux and change within the framework of a computer program, merging internet-sourced images. This dynamic process akin to digital music production results in an archive of evolving images, defying control and planning, ultimately leading to unique compositions.

Anja Schwörer’s textile-based artworks strip color from fabric on stretcher frames, exploring the effects of bleaching and dyeing on industrially manufactured textiles. Using geometric shapes and techniques like Shibori, her pieces highlight fabric texture and plasticity, shaped by the material’s unpredictable reactions.

Vlad Mitrev’s Time Paintings challenge the representation of time in classical art. Through audacious paint blocks, he addresses the visual portrayal of the fourth dimension in a two-dimensional medium, referencing various historical attempts while exploring the metaphorical essence of time.


5th August 2022

Schau Fenster

Lobeckstr. 30-35
10969 Berlin

Exhibition Duration

16th August – 20th August 2023